Our Values

Ambition, teamwork, leadership, dedication to customer service and a desire to give expert support – our values drive everything that we do. We’re committed to being a responsible lender and to giving back to people, wherever we can. Whether that’s through charity giving or providing advice and support to help people manage their money better.

Responsible lending

We’re licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) so we keep to their rules on treating customers fairly and lending money responsibly. But we go much further than that. Our outstanding advisers are trained and retrained to give every client the best possible service and advice.

After the initial one-month training, an experienced manager mentors our loan account officers for another 24 months before they can ever stand alone as an account manager.

Every one of our staff makes sure our loans are affordable and straightforward. That’s because we want to build long-term relationships with our clients and build and grow with them. It’s clearly been successful. We’ve retained over 80% of our customers from 2004, our first year in the business.

Giving Back

We are currently in discussions with a well-established UK financial education charity providing financial capability education, information and advice to young people and adults throughout the UK. Together, we’re looking at ways to provide financial education to our customers who want it - like developing financial awareness leaflets, and organising and funding yearly financial planning sessions.