10 ways to do up your home and put £000's on it's value

10 ways to do up your home and put £000’s on it’s value

Home improvements can breathe new life into your property and turn an older tired property into something new, exciting and ultimately of higher value. While we’d all love to spend thousands of pounds re-doing our kitchens, bathrooms and gardens it’s worth thinking what will add the most value to your property, especially if you’re looking at selling.

Adding an extension
An extension could be adding a little extra space to your kitchen or doubling the size of your house, but an extension done well that adds extra good-sized bedrooms or living space can add a lot of money to your properties value.

A loft conversion
As families get better and people require more space adding an extra bedroom can add around 10% to the value of your home. By adding a loft conversion you are not eating into your living space but you’re adding another (usually good sized) bedroom.

A conservatory
Conservatories provide an extra room in your house, and if under a certain size do not even need planning permission. A conservatory is an easy way of adding extra space to your property or getting a more open plan living space. Adding one can boost your property value by around 5%.

Adding an extra bathroom
Extra bathrooms can be a huge selling point in a property as more and more properties are gaining en-suites. By adding a toilet under the stairs, an additional bathroom upstairs or a master bedroom en-suite you can add value to your property.

A new kitchen
Kitchens are hubs within most households and they’re usually one of the first things that buyers look to replace, so if you can provide an attractive ready-made space then buyers may be willing to part with more cash to save them the hassle of replacing it themselves.

Knock down walls
Obviously you can’t do this with load-bearing walls, but if you have lots of smaller reception rooms consider knocking through to create a larger open plan living space. By doing this your rooms will be larger, lighter and more attractive for potential buyers.

Convert your garage into living space
About 90% of all garages within the UK do not contain a car so most of us are wasting potential living space. Proving you have off road parking converting your garage is unlikely to put potential buyers off but can improve your property value. By converting it into another bedroom with bathroom you’re going to boost your property value the most, but if the layout of your home doesn’t suit this then a study, playroom or workshop can also provide a boost.

Add Central heating
Adding, or updating an existing central heating system will add more to the value of your property than you’ll spend as it is considered essential by most buyers. If you already have central heating updating it can be done in conjunction with improving the general energy efficiency of the building by sealing drafts around the doors and windows and adding insulation. Make sure your boiler is in good working condition and consider possibilities such as new radiators, heated towel rails or underfloor heating in bathrooms to make your property stand out.

Fix superficial defeats
While things like peeling paint, sticking doors, dripping taps and loose tiles don’t directly impact the value of a property a lot of superficial defeats combined together can prevent it from selling at its optimum price. Small defeats can be quick and easy to fix and make your property seem miles more appealing to prospective buyers.

Update the bathroom
Bathrooms are another area which people quickly look at replacing as they are well used. If you have an old fashioned bathroom in an unfashionable colour (pink, peach, brown, avocado etc) then think about replacing it with a basic white bathroom suite which you can get for as little as a few hundred pounds. A basic look will have wider appeal for others. Ensure your bathroom has vinyl or tiles on the floor and that they are clean and un-chipped, and if your bathroom lacks a lot of natural light make it feel fresher by painting walls neutral shades or by replacing single lights with triple halogen units which are not costly.

Enjoy your summer even more with these great BBQ deals

Top barbecue deals to get you chilling and grilling this summer

Even though it’s appearance may be fleeting the sun does make an appearance! So, it pays to be prepared. As hundreds may have flocked to the shops recently to buy BBQ’s at the first glimpse of the sun it pays to shop around and pick one up to have ready for the next time the sun hits.


The type of BBQ you want depends on various factors such as how often you intend to use it, how many people you want to cook for when you use it and whether you want a portable or built in one. Here are some of the best deals to get you grilling this summer:


Planning a gathering but don’t want to spend a fortune? Opt for this Party Charcoal BBQ from Homebase which at under £60 will give you enough space to cook for plenty of people and with two shelves of cook space gives you enough room to separate out meats and veggies for that hot summer’s’ day.



Going camping or just looking for something to use at the weekend without spending too much? This starter kit from Argos is under £25 and even comes with some tools to help you cook.Pop in some charcoal, light the coals and get cooking. This BBQ is perfect for smaller groups of people who just want to cook in the sunshine.



Want something slightly more durable in case the weather holds up for more than one weekend? Check out this Boston half oil drum charcoal BBQ which retails at under £50. Cook your food to perfection with a roasting lid to cook everything evenly and prevent flare ups, a warming rack to help keep excess food warm before serving and an air vent to enable you to control air flow.



Opting for a gas powered BBQ doesn’t always have to be expensive, but get the best of both worlds with Landmann Grillchef from Tesco which retails at just £100. The great thing about this is it isn’t bulky or too heavy so if the heavens open like they tend to in the UK you can move your cooking location without much of an issue.



If you want the king of all outdoor BBQ’s then don’t scrimp, go for a premium 4 burner gas BBQ with a side burner. This BBQ from Argos is still under £200 but is perfect for all those summer parties, family barbeques and gatherings and will have all the neighbours jealous. There is a porcelain cooking grill, a side burner for smaller dishes and a warming rack to ensure food stays warm. There’s also a condiment rack and bottom shelf to keep all those BBQ essentials ready to hand.


Top shopping deals to getting you saving even more

Top shopping deals to getting you saving even more

Fancy claiming one or two deals this month? Here’s a list of where to find a bargain from some of your favourite high street stores such as Home base, F&F Clothing, M&S.

The Deal: Stock clearances on items. The availability may vary from store to store and depending on what you looking for, stock could be limited, so hurry!
Offer ends: Expected to run till end of May
Where: In store and Online

The Deal: Get 20% of 2 pieces of furniture on selected items online. Delivery is £3.50 of FREE for orders over £50
Offer ends: No time frame given on the M&S site
Where: Online

F&F Clothing
The Deal: Get up to 50% off of selected Women, Men’s and Children wear.
Offer ends: No deadline given but the offer is subject to availability on selected lines
Where: Online and in store

House of Fraser
The Deal: £100 of selected men’s suits
Offer ends: Subject to availability. No definite date given
Where: Online and in store

The Deal: Spend £100 or more online and get £20 off your first online order using code SCSEXFMYK
Offer ends: 23 May
Where: Online

The Deal: Download and use the Boohoo pp app for 10% of your order. Ramp up your savings by buying items from Boohoo’s sale collection
Offer ends: No specified date
Where: Boohoo App on iTunes

The Deal: Free 32” LG TV for Existing Customer Upgrades to Sky Multiscreen at Sky
Offer ends: 19th May 2016
Where: Online

Thomas Cook
The Deal: Flights from Under £35 at Thomas Cook Airlines
Offer ends: No date Specified
Where: Online

Bella Italia
The Deal: 33% off Your Food Bill at Bella Italia restaurants
Offer ends: 5th June 2015
Where: When eating in a Bella Italia restaurant. Not available for takeaways

Buying a new Washing Machine? Here's 5 of the best

Buying a new Washing Machine? Here’s 5 of the best

Compare the 5 best washing machines (Aimed at women on low income. Compare energy/ cost/ efficiency)
It makes good sense when buying some vital like a washing machine to compare various aspects of them to ensure that you get the best to meet your needs. You definitely want to avoid spending an arm and a leg running them or be left with problems after a few washes. Washing machine reviews can be overwhelming so here is our rundown of the best 5.

Beko WM74155LW Washing Machine
This washing machine has been featured on Curry’s TV adverts but how does it compare? The price has been dropped quite a bit recently but this is only due to it being a slightly older model. With 16 wash programmes it is impressive and economical to use. On Reevoo it has an average 8.9 stars out of 10.
Cost: £239.99 from Currys
Energy: A++
Efficiency: A spin speed of 1500rpm and an A grade wash performance
Capacity: 7kg (About 35 shirts)
Quick Wash Time: 30 minutes

Bosch WAB24161GB Washing Machine
This is one of the cheapest washing machines under the Bosch branding and although the technical spec might seem small it is designed for large families because it can reduce the wash cycle time by up to 65% due to its SpeedPerfect technology but this generally works on the longer washes. Washing machine reviews rate that this machine is highly economical as it weighs the amount of clothes you put in, takes into consideration how dirty you say they are and what wash cycle you want and uses the exact amount of water necessary without wastage.
Cost: £269.99 from Currys
Energy: A+++
Efficiency: A spin speed of 1200rpm and an A grade wash performance
Capacity: 6kg (About 35 shirts)
Quick wash time: 45 minutes

Beko WMB91242LB Washing Machine
Beko is such a well-known brand that it might not be one of the cheapest washing machines but the reviews that it gets are generally high. With 15 wash programmes, a huge capacity and a quick wash time of under 15 minutes you can’t go wrong with the Beko for convenience. Washing machine reviews state it is suitable for larger families that need to fit a lot in a load the door opens 165 degrees so it is good for bulkier items.
Cost: £269
Energy: A++
Efficiency: A spin speed of 1200 rpm and an A grade wash performance
Capacity: 9kg (about 45 shirts)
Quick wash time: 14 minutes

Servis W714F4HDS Washing Machine
When looking for the best washing machines sometimes it isn’t just about a huge well-known brand and this Servis washing machine has a lot of features for a budget product. Due to its extremely low energy levels and water consumptions it will only cost you about £11.43 a year to run, so great value for money. This might not be the cheapest washing machines but it is highly rated, has an incredibly quick wash time for small loads.
Cost: £349 from John Lewis
Energy: A+++
Efficiency: 7kg (about 35 shirts)
Quick wash time: 12 minutes

Hotpoint WMFUG742G Smart Washing Machine
The Hotpoint machine rates incredibly highly with washing machine reviews and there’s little which can be faulted for its price. It has the Allergy UK approval because of its ability to remove pollen, dust and mites, and because it weighs your load and alters the energy, time and water for the cycle to match it is has low energy consumption. It has a Performance+ cycle to remove stains, A Speed+ cycle to shorten the wash time and a Baby Cycle specifically for washing larger bulky items like towels and blankets.
Cost: £349.99 from Currys
Energy: A+++
Efficiency: A spin speed of 1400rpm and an A++ grade wash performance
Capacity: 7kg (about 35 shirts)
Quick wash time: 30 minutes

If you are looking to buy a washing machine and you don’t have a few hundred pounds sat lying around, we are happy to look into an application for a short term loan for you. We offer the lowest rates in the subsector and if you are in desperate need of a washing machine, we have a quick approval service. A new washing machine could be yours before you know it. To show what your repayment would be on £350 for your new purchase. If you chose a repayment period over 26 weeks at an APR of 612.75%, you’ll pay installments of £21.54. Have a look at our weekly repayment options here – TYPES OF LOANS.

It is always best better to compare washing machines and we’ve listed the best 5 for 2016. Choose the one most suitable to your needs as opposed to just the cheapest washing machines which you could possibly regret.

If you are considering applying for a short term loan to buy a washing machine, you can either make your application through our website here APPLY NOW. Or, give us a call on 0203 302 4020 to speak to one of our friendly representatives. We would be happy to help.

A New way of saving for your first home that will leave you inspired

A New way of saving for your first home that will leave you inspired

With the 2016 budget having been announced, George Osborne has unveiled a new Individualised Saving Account aka an ISA specifically for those looking to buy a house or save for their pension, The ‘Lifetime ISA’ which will launch in 2017 will see savers receiving a 25% bonus from the Government on deposits up to £4,000 a year.

Anyone who is under the age of 40 by April 2017 can take advantage of the ISA. If the lifetime ISA is being used to buy a house you have to wait at least a year before you can withdraw it and those saving for pensions will have to wait until after the age of 60 to see the benefits. Just like most other ISA’s you are allowed to withdraw from the ‘Lifetime ISA’ at any point but if you do you’ll forfeit any government bonuses.

People saving under the Help to Buy ISA are able to move their savings into a Lifetime ISA as the Help to Buy version will be closing in November 2019. The option of a lifetime ISA poses quite a difficult decision on a lot of younger savers who will have to make a decision between saving for a house and saving for their future with the new ISA.

If you do choose to save into a lifetime ISA you can save up to £4,000 a year for each £4 that you save you’ll be rewarded with £1, and the cash saved (including the bonus) is tax-free. So if you saved the full £4,000 within a year you would get a £1,000 bonus from that year.

Nigel Aston who is the head of European defined contribution at Slate Street Global Advisors said that the new lifetime ISA is not expected to have a great impact on the overall level of savings. He went on to say “We continue to believe that the most effective way of encouraging retirement saving will be low cost, well governed workplace pension schemes, with automatic enrollment and good quality default funds.”

While the lifetime ISA can be a great help for those with money to save some have complained that it does not nothing to address the root causes of low savings and that there is little help for those with low wages and high debt.

Some people have questioned that this option may put people off saving for a pension in any other way which can lead them to saving less in the long-term by going for cash over investments. This could lead to people passing up on the valuable element of pension contributions from an employer. Within workplace schemes your contributions can be matched – or sometimes bettered – and these employer contributions can make a huge difference between saving enough money into your pension or not.

There are positives and negatives to the new scheme of lifetime ISA’s and while choosing the save for a home can be a massive benefit the pension scheme is a little trickier depending on how much spare income you have. For those who have money to spare after saving into their workplace pension it can be a huge benefit, but for others it might not be so it’s worth really thinking about it before committing.

Get ready. A council tax rise could be on the horizon

Get ready! A council tax rise could be on the horizon

Council tax is another monthly bill which adds to our never ending outgoings but get ready as this April 9 out of 10 local authorities are likely to increase their council tax bills so be prepared.

In order to fund care for the elderly councils have been given the potential power to add an extra 2% to the annual council tax bill. This might not sound like a bit but it all adds up. The Local Government Association (LGA) has said that 143 out of 152 social care authorities have already approved the change or are looking into approving it. This will add on an average an extra £24 to the annual cost of a Band D home, but this isn’t all.

On top of this local councils can choose to charge another 1.99% to the council tax costs. Both February and March are ‘holiday’ months from your council tax so this is a good opportunity to save some money in preparation for the increase. The full council tax increases can add over £60 to each household.

Not only will prices increase but 40% of councils surveyed said that they will be cutting frontline services that are “evident to the public” due to the funding changes. The Chancellor, George Osborne slashed central funding for local authorities which in turn granted them powers to increase council tax.

During last year’s budget meeting he said “Local authorities who are responsible for social care will be able to levy a new social care precept of up to 2 per cent on council tax. The money raised will have to be spent exclusively on adult social care – and if all authorities make full use of it, it will bring almost £2 billion more into the care system”.

Tory Communities Secretary Greg Clark went on to say: “This historic four-year funding settlement means nearly two thirds of councils are confident they will be financed independently of central government within five years – something local government has campaigned for over decades.”

A lot of us work on tight budgets as it is so an extra cost can make a big difference so it’s worth checking if you’re eligible for discounts. If you either live on your own or are the only adult in the household you can apply for a 25% reduction in your council tax rates, and if you’re a student you don’t need to pay council tax at all regardless of how many people live there, as long as they’re all students.

Other discounts are available for people who have a disability or are on low income so make sure you research your options before just accepting the increase.

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Great Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas And Discounts

Great Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas And Discounts

With New Year, Valentine’s Day and the kids half term safely out of the way it means just one thing, Mother’s day is just around the corner. The special day allows people to show their care, love and appreciation to their Mothers, or other female figures who helped to raise and care for them. While the day isn’t all about splashing the cash you might be thinking about how you can make the day special without breaking the bank which is where we come in. Check out these special Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas ideas and deals:

You don’t need to spend very much money at all in order to spoil your mum, why don’t you pop down your local supermarket and buy all the ingredients needed for a special breakfast in bed which you can present to your mum along with some chocolates or a homemade cake. It’s the thought that counts and presents don’t need to cost the earth.

If money is really tight then the O2 Priority Moments app can come in handy to get you a free Mother’s Day card from Cath Kidston stores. All you need to do is show the code from the app to staff at the checkout on or before Sun 6th March to get your free card. Be quick though as the codes are limited so might run out soon. The O2 Priority Moments app always has some amazing deals so make sure to keep checking it for freebies or heavily discounted items.

Perfume is one of the best gifts you can buy for that special lady and if you head to The Fragrance Shop you can save up to £50 on designer perfume with deals including a £15 saving on Marc Jacob’s Honey fragrance with a 50ml bottle on sale for just £35. That’s a saving of more than 40%.

Great Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas And Discounts

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your mum from Debenhams Flowers. By using the code ‘AOLMUM’ you can save a whopping 50% of Joyful Mum at Debenhams flowers. This deal is great because if you don’t have time to go out and buy something you can purchase this from the comfort of your home. If you’re not sure about these flowers TopCashback are offering all new members £10 cashback on any bouquet which is pre-ordered from Next Flowers. All you need to do is register for free with TopCashback, click the link to Next Flowers and make your purchase before midnight on 6th March 2016. After purchase £10 will be refunded to your account within 14 days.

Jewellery’s another favourite for Mother’s day so if you fancy picking up something sparkly then grab 20% discount on everything from Hoochie Mama, this even includes those items already on sale. You’ll find some stunning ideas for Mother’s day. To take advantage of the discount, use the code ‘HOOCIEMAMASDAY’.

The Body Shop has put together a very special Mother’s Day beauty bundle which is just £22.50 with £2.49 delivery when you use the code ‘TREATMUM’ exclusively online. Bought individually the products would cost £45 so you’ll be getting 50% off, plus spend just £2.50 more and you’ll benefit for free delivery. The set includes Smoky Poppy body butter, Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet moisturiser, Big & Curvy Mascara, Chocolate Shower Cream and Coconut Lip Butter, the perfect gift for a perfect mum. The bundles are limited to 4,000 so get ordering soon.

Top tips for getting the best savings account for your kids

Top tips for getting the best savings account for your kids

We all want to provide the best starting point for your children in the future, and a lot of parents save money to keep for their offspring to be used for education, moving out or the general costs of being an adult. By just saving a small chunk of money a month you can save a lot of money for when your children turn 18. For example by saving £20 a month from birth you could get £4,320 (excluding interest), but up that to £50 a month and you’ll have £10,800 (excluding interest).

Don’t be afraid to change savings accounts
If you save money on a regular basis don’t be afraid to move your money if you find the interest rates are better in another bank. This might mean changing who the money with on a yearly basis but in the long wrong you could make a lot more money out of your children’s savings.

Look into Junior ISA’s
Generally ISA’s get higher levels of interest than a general savings account because you can only put a certain amount in each tax year and they’re free of tax. With a lot of them you can’t access them for a certain period of time (unless you pay a hefty fee). If you’re saving money for your children and don’t plan on taking it out until they’re much older an ISA can provide you with much higher levels of interest making your money go further. With a lot of Junior ISA’s these can be opened in the children’s name but they can’t take money out until they hit a certain age, usually 16 or 18.

Make your savings regular
There are some Kids Regular Savings accounts which as the names suggests this isn’t for a one off lump sum to be paid in but instead is a commitment to saving a regular amount of money for 12 months. These interest rates are more often than not higher than with a normal savings account as your bank have your commitment to money coming in every month. After your initial period the interest rate might go down but by looking around you may find another one on the market.

Look at Fixed- rate Children’s bonds
Fixed-rate Children’s bonds are another good way of getting a fixed level of interest where the rate will remain the same until maturity. You may get a lower level of interest for some months, but a higher level for others but you don’t need to keep checking the rates and shopping around with this as you’re safe knowing that your rate will not change during its term. This is good for one off lump sums of money which you want to be left untouched for a specific length of time.

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Five steps to get out of January blues and handle Christmas debt

Five steps to get out of January blues and handle Christmas debt

We’ve just passed ‘Blue Monday’ which is described as the most depressing day of the year. Not only is January a bleak, cold and grey month but for plenty of people you’ve not seen a payday since before Christmas and finances are starting to look worrying. Millions of people let overdrafts or credit cards pick up the strain of Christmas spending which can cause a lot of stress when trying to get a handle on it. There are some steps you can take to get out of those January blues and handle your Christmas spending debt.

Look at for a 0% balance transfer deal.
We all know how much interest lenders like to smack onto purchases and if you went a little overboard at Christmas your interest alone could be hundreds of pounds. By transferring all of your balances to one provider you may be able to get a better rate. There are plenty of options on the credit card market where you can get o% interest for anything from a few months to a few years. By transferring all your debt, you will have everything in one place and put a hold on the interest you may be being charged. With a lot of competition between providers and a high demand you’re bound to find a great deal.

Look for an interest free overdraft
Some banks will offer you an interest free overdraft when you open a new account, perhaps for a limited time or perhaps up to a limited amount. You could save yourself paying interest fee’s if you open an account and use your overdraft to pay off credit cards, store cards and other forms of debt which you may have racked in over the Christmas period.
If you can’t find a o% one just shop around for a better deal than what you’re currently paying, less interest means less pay-out for you.

Pay something off each debt every month
If you have credit out in multiple places such as both a credit card and store cards, ensure that you pay off at least the minimum monthly payment each month across them all. Don’t be tempted to start paying off one while ignoring the other until you’re done. The likelihood is you’ll be charged late payment fees if you do not pay anything for a month or two. Once you have paid the minimum balance off if you have additional money pay this against the debt which will incur the most interest to minimize your pay-outs.

Think about re-mortgaging your property
Generally, mortgage interest rates are cheaper than the APR’s on Credit Cards and you might find by re-mortgaging you can reduce your monthly payments and have some spare cash to use towards paying off your debts from Christmas. Alternatively, some mortgages will allow you to add debt to it so you may be able to add your credit card debt to your mortgage and end up just paying a few pounds extra a month for it.

Start saving for next Christmas
It might seem a long time away but once you have got a handle on this year’s debt you should start thinking about saving for next Christmas to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again. A lot of places such as supermarkets allow you to purchase stamps or gift cards through the year and give you a bonus nearer Christmas. For example, if you saved £100 you may get 10% back when you come to spend them. By putting a little money aside each month you’ll have a great starting place to pay-out next December.

If you would like to borrow a JL Money Short term loan at the lowest rates in the sub sector you can learn more by calling to speak to one of our friendly advisors or Apply online today. Our short terms are currently at the lowest rates in the sub sector and you could have cash in the bank within 2 hours of approval.

If you are expecting money in the near future, a short term loan could help tide you over whilst you sort out your finances.

Six ways to overcome your debt worries.

Six ways to overcome your debt worries

Being in debt is not an uncommon phenomenon with people taking out loans in the form of mortgages, store cards, credit cards and personal loans for larger purchases such as cars or weddings. The world we live in isn’t a cheap one and everyone wants to enjoy as much as they can. Being in debt can cause a large amount of worry, and regularly people with anxiety cite money worries as being the number one cause of this.

Focus on the present and not the past
Getting out of debt can be a long term project and it’s important to take debt management one step at the time. Think about what you are currently spending, where you can save money and how you can decrease your debt rather than focusing on what you did wrong last month.

Think of the positives
It is always important to keep your focus on the positives, for every debt payment you make you’re one step closer to clearing it off and being debt-free. Don’t focus your thoughts on the things you are missing out on while clearing your debt, think of how much better your life will be once the debt is cleared.

Keeping a positive mental attitude will help you feel better and this isn’t just relating to your debt. At the end of every day write down something positive about your day, it could be something as little as going for a brisk walk, mastering the dinner you made or having a relaxing bath, thinking of what made the day great will ease your anxieties.

Face your demons
We all have times when we want to turn around and ignore our issues, but burying your head in the sand won’t help with your situation, and it will all come out at some point. Facing your demons head on and thinking about your debt worries will ease everything in the long run rather than having it hang over your heads forever more. Debt worries will hang over you like a black cloud and cause you extreme worry until you take a step to easing your situation.

Seek advice and help
You don’t need to take the burden of your debt all on your own. There are plenty of professionals out there who have seen it all before, and probably worse. People always say that a burden shared is a burden halved and this is very true so don’t be afraid to seek help or ask for advice, an outsider looking in on your situation might think of something which you haven’t even thought about.

If you don’t want to take to a professional even just discussing your worries with a friend or family member can help you relax and lessen your worries.

Stick to a budget
Budgeting is probably the word you hate most when you’ve got money worries, but writing your expenditure down and sticking to a set amount of money will help you be able to plan repayments and ensure your mind is at ease about your money worries. Knowing what money you have and what money you need for the month ahead will help you be able to set aside how much you can save or pay off your debts.

Address the physical stress that debt worry can cause
Being anxious and stressed about money problems and growing debt can easily cause physical and psychological problems which can develop further. There are simple ways to relax and ensure that your body is not under additional stress.

Eating a healthy balanced diet will keep your mind and body sharp and working well, exercising regularly will release endorphins that will make you feel better, ensuring you get your recommended amount of sleep each day will keep you alert and feeling good, and taking time out for yourself will help you feeling happier. By doing things which make you feel happy such as painting, reading, watching a movie or going out with friends will remind you of your life before money worries.

Many of our customers have successfully used short term loans to pay off debts whilst they wait to get paid, or receive backdated benefits payments, or any other money owed. Our short term loans are at the lowest rates in the subsector. And, you could have cash in the bank within 2 hours of approval. Apply online today.

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