William approached JL Money for a bespoke loan as he was in dire need. He had come across financial difficulties and his property was due to be repossessed the property had a value of £380,000 with an outstanding mortgage of £200,000. He had fallen behind on his mortgage repayments so approached JL Money for a £20,000 loan in order to prevent repossession and give him time to sell his property which was already on the market. This enabled him to clear the debt and he was able to sell the property at a profit.

William's Case Study

Stelina lives between the UK and abroad, she approached JL Money as she had an existing bridging loan with another lender and the payment deadline was coming up. She was unable to get an extension on her repayment so required £20,000 from JL Money to meet her settlement deadline. JL Money was able to lend Stella £20,000 in time for her to successfully pay off her other bridging loan.

Stelina's Case Study

Cheryl and John were looking to make improvements to their rental property in order to sell at a higher price. A loan of £20,000 was required to finance the project.
The property was valued at £480,000, and a cash injection of £20,000 was provided by JL Money. They were able to renovate and modernise the property for a quick sale and healthy profit. It's market value reached £530,000 – a £50,000 increase!

Cheryl & John's Case Study

Howard was looking for a loan for £6,000 to enable him to make improvements to one of his properties, he had tried to obtain the funds from his bank but the bank was unwilling to provide the loan. From the beginning of his application until the funds were in Howard’s account it took 48 hours.

Howard's Case Study
Names and pictures of the customers have been changed to protect the customers privacy.