Bespoke Loan £5000 – £100,000 Up To 12 Months


JL Money are excited to announce a number of enhancements to our products. As a result of customer feedback, we have increased loan amounts and generated an entirely new product targeted at Customers with a poor credit history.

We are currently looking to work with national Brokers & Advisers across the UK who can introduce these products to their existing and future clients.

Work With Us

To start working with us immediately introduce a case by calling 020 3302 4020 or email

Bespoke Loan Explained

We tailor the loan repayment to fit the borrowers cash flow profile giving them maximum flexibility and peace of mind.

The 3 main repayment profiles are:

  • Interest Only: Pay the interest accrued on a monthly basis and then pay the principle loan amount at the end of the loan term.
  • Roll Up: Pay the interest and the principle amount at the end of the loan term.
  • Instalment: Pay the capital and interest amounts monthly across the loan term.

Why not have a look at our case studies based on our previous clients!

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