About Us

Who are we?

JL Money and the other entire financial services brand under the Jeremy Lawrence name are part of Jeremy Lawrence Limited. We set up the company in 2004 to help people get and manage small unsecured credit, when they need it – as simple as that. Our vision is to see every working adult who has been refused credit elsewhere and has lost confidence, obtain credit. That’s why we don’t use traditional credit scoring when you approach us for a loan.

We’re determined to be fair, responsible and efficient

Responsible and ethical behaviour are always at the core of what we do. These principles underlie our underwriting, loan criteria, how we take on new customers and the customer service you’ll enjoy. Our senior staff members together have 38 years’ experience in financial services. And our loan officers work directly alongside a senior loan officer for 24 months after the initial training before they can stand on their own two feet. It means that if you take out a loan with us, you will always speak to the same trained and experienced member of our team, from start to finish. That’s why we don’t just get lots of repeat business, 90% of our customers say they’d recommend our loans to people they know.

Choose us for a personal service and the best value in the business

Our goal is to help our customers to get back on their feet, manage a dip in income, or make those essential home repairs at reasonable prices. We are cheaper than all our major competitors. And we’re always looking for ways to reduce the cost of your borrowing.

Now we are firmly established in South East London, we are looking to steadily grow and expand into the Home Counties. We’ll create an office in each county to carry on giving the same good quality, fair and personal service to people who need it.