Business Loan – Borrow £500 to £20,000 over 3 months

Ideal for business owners with short term cash flow problems, or for individuals who require a short term loan and are able to afford to re-pay the loan back in 3 months. Please note, the loan is taken out in the applicants name and not the company name. This loan requires a guarantor, who is either a friend or colleague, we do not accept family members or spouses as guarantors. The first 2 months are interest repayments and in the final 3rd month the principal and the capital is repaid.

You’ll pay interest only for the first 2 months. Then, at the end of month 3, you’ll pay off your actual loan and the final month’s interest. You can pay back early without any extra charges. Representative 249.9% APR. Interest rate is 132% per annum (fixed).

Use the loan calculator to determine the loan amount, frequency and repayment and use the form below to apply online.
If you require more than £3,000 please contact us at or Call Us on 020 3302 4020

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